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Who We Are

Started in 1989, CE labs®/Cable Electronics is the one stop source for your high quality audio/video needs.

With over 25 years of experience, CE labs®, offers an array of products and services custom engineered to meet your business's needs. CE labs® is one of the top manufacturers of high-end audio and video products. With a wide range of products and services, CE labs is the one stop shop for all of your turn key operations.

CE labs now manufactures a full line of professional grade AV distribution amplifiers including the latest HDMI technology, matrix switchers, digital media players and digital signage products. The digital signage package offers digital media players, content management software and electronic merchandising systems.

CE labs provides major retailers simple, cost effective solutions to ensure a competitive advantage through diverse digital marketing.

What We Do

CE labs® audio/video products include distribution amplifiers, RF products, Cat5 distribution, switchers, and cabling.

CE labs® also offers an array of electronic merchandising solutions such as interactive displays and kiosks, digital media players, and content management solutions.

Our digital signage packages offer displays, digital media players and custom content creation in a simple set, at cost effective prices.

How We Do It

An innovator in customized electronics manufacturing, CE labs specializes in engineering research and development of state-of-the-art technology for the audio/video signal distribution and management field.
Proven Expertise
CE labs' systems provide major retail outlets simple ways to ensure competitive advantage through diverse means of marketing message distribution. These include signal amplification and distribution systems for high definition video displays, customer facing digital signage solutions, and message-centric interactive kiosk systems.

All of these solutions are backed by CE labs' proven expertise in planning, engineering, and seamless installation, along with an unsurpassed emphasis on customer service.

Trusted by well known companies all over the world

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About Us

Leadership Team

Award winning with a passion for technology.

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