UTP Extenders

HDMI™ Extenders

HDMI Extenders

Extend HDMI™ signals long distances, without compromising quality, with CE labs® HDMI™ Extender Kit 1.3 (Deep Color up to 12 bits) and High Definition A/V Transmitter/Receiver and Hubs. Active amplification of equalization ensures high quality transmission and video continuity.

Component Extenders

Component Extenders

CE labs® UTP passive Balun Transformer pair allows the distribution of a high definition component video/digital audio source to a remote location over extended distances using the standard and economical CAT5 cable. It includes four RCA connectors for component video and SPDIF to be used with four composite video.

VGA Extenders

VGA Amplifiers

CE labs® VGA Extender Kit offers adjustable equalization length and adjustable VGA signal gain. Save time and expense by allowing easy installation with CAT5/CAT6 and extend VGA signals up to 575 feet.